GFH Properties is driven by a unique
and challenging vision:

To Create Centrepieces
of Global Development

The birth of GFH Properties, the newly incorporated subsidiary of GFH Financial Group, has been a direct result of the Group’s aspiration to become a top player in the real estate industry regionally and globally. This reputation is being built on the legacy of its vast inventory of properties and broad experience in real estate development.

GFH Properties emerged with a clear focus of developing prime niche real estate projects and enrooting into the industry as a market maker, market analyzer, and beyond. Through the expertise of GFH Properties Executive Management and team members, the company will develop existing project concepts and further expand its geographic and product offering reach. With that GFH Properties will evolve the view of the Group’s real estate portfolio from the investment banker’s lens towards the industrial specialist lens setting the foundations of GFH Properties vision of defining landmarks across the globe.

GFH Properties core business revolves around project development and management, project advisory, managing and developing income generating portfolios, and other specialized services. GFH Properties will be launching its own direct development projects and shall also manage and oversee those associated with the Group. As an introductory stepping stone into the industry, GFH Properties has packaged and launched two distinctive projects; The Harbour Row in the most strategic location in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and California Village; a mixed use project situated in Dubai.

GFH Properties is a subsidiary of GFH Financial Group incorporated and registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2016. Mr. Majed Al-Khan leads GFH Properties through his position as Chief Executive Officer alongside a highly experienced executive team. GFH Properties will benefit from the Group’s synergy through the service offerings of the associated arms of GFH Financial Group including Khaleeji Commercial Bank and the industrial arm Cemena.

GFH Properties is headquartered in the Iconic Bahrain Financial Harbour complex which the company unveiled to the public in 2007. The prominent complex defines the skyline of Bahrain’s capital, Manama.

GFH Properties Core Services include:

  • Project Development: seeing through existing development concepts that are part of GFH Group’s real estate portfolio, and creating new project development concepts from the design stages to vertical development for new opportunities. The team will work on the design, technical aspects and offer structures of all related projects.
  • Project Management: managing and overseeing the development of selected existing projects under the wing of the Group.
  • Advisory and Management of Real Estate Portfolios:

GFH Properties has built a specialized investment and advisory team alongside the core property development and management team, to cater for investment requirements and provide a one-stop-shop solutions to regional investment houses with real estate investment instruments.

  • Creating Income Generating Portfolios: GFH Properties upholds a strategy to maintain strategic portion of its development projects; such as retail areas, and is converting them to income generating assets to ensure business continuity.
  • Future Offerings: GFH Properties utilizes the financial background of its key personnel in creating financial instruments through securitizing underlying real estate asset classes. Such instruments can vary from REITs to licensed investment funds subject to regulator’s required approvals.

GFH Group Overview

GFH is transforming from investment bank into a financial group designated to offer unique financial portfolio and maximise value potential to its shareholders.

  • Commercial
  • GFH
  • GFH

GFH’s business lines and shareholders cover key aspects of the financial service business chain, from high end financial products and investments, to high street commercial banking operations.

A Visionary

As part of the larger GFH Financial Group, the Group’s real estate development presence has enjoyed 15 years of growth and expansion across various geographies, sectors, and asset classes.


  • 2003

    Launch of Bahrain Financial Harbour Concept

  • 2004

    Launch of Al Areen Master Development (including the hotel resort, waterpark and other mixed use plots)

  • 2004

    Launch of Al Andalus Real Estate Fund (investing in blue-chip properties in Western Costa del Sol)

  • 2005

    Launch of Legends -Dubailand – GFH begins operations

  • 2005

    Launch of Jordan Gate

  • 2006

    Opening Ceremony of Banyan Tree Resort and Spa in Al Areen Development

  • 2006

    Launch of Energy City Qatar

  • 2007

    Opening Ceremony of Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark in Al Areen Development

  • 2007

    Grand Opening of the Bahrain Financial Harbour Towers

  • 2007

    Launch of Gateway to Morocco

  • 2007

    Launch of Energy City Navi Mumbai

  • 2007

    Launch of Mumbai IT & Telecom Technology

  • 2008

    Launch of Tunis Bay

  • 2008

    Launch of Energy City Libya

  • 2014

    GFH Properties launched as part of the group’s rebrand

  • 2015

    Harbour Row launches

GFH Portfolio

GFH Financial Group has an impressive portfolio
with excellent track record of successful delivery
of well-planned global and regional projects.


Mumbai Economic Development Zone

In 2007 and 2008, GFH launched Energy City Navi Mumbai (ECNM) and Mumbai IT & Telecom City (MITTC), comprising 1162 acres in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. Both ECNM and MITTIC are core components of the larger scale Economic Development Zone (“EDZ”), a mixed-use development offering world class business infrastructure for local and international Services, IT and Energy companies.

1 Billion

Value of investment in US$

Royal Ranches, Marrakech

In 2006, GFH launched its project Gateway to Morocco announced with the vision of conceptualizing Royal Ranches Marrakech (“RRM”) in the city of Marrakesh, a mixed-use development spanning approximately 380 hectares. The design of this project is based on the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom, thus creating an atmosphere where resort guests are exposed to the rich local flavours and traditions. The concept is centred on the creation of a distinctive and quality lifestyle within each location.

220 Million

Value of investment in US$

Tunis Financial Harbour

Tunis Financial Harbour (TFH) will be delivering North Africa’s first offshore financial centre at Tunis Bay in a project with an expected end development value of US$ 3 billion. TFH is expected to be a world class banking centre designed to capitalize on Tunisian economic growth over the past decade. TFH is expected to create approximately 16,000 new and mostly skilled jobs across the financial, service, human resources and regulatory community, the benefits of which will be felt throughout the North African economy.

300 Million

Value of investment in US$

Qatar Energy City

Launched in March 2006, this regionally strategic US$2.6 billion project is being developed as the Middle Easts first integrated energy business centre for the global oil and gas industry. The clusters of the project will include specialist centres and hosts oil and gas producers and downstream operators, shipping and trading companies, service industries, technology companies and information and media businesses.

240 Million

Value of investment in US$